Turnaround Times
Time-poor? We can have something ready in 30 minuten.


Yes. With some exceptions. Same day turnaround applies on 1-10 prints, on white t-shirts, cream tote bags, tea towels or cushions. Email or drop by a store during opening hours. Orders in by 1pm.

But I want a dark shirt

Coloured items take a little longer, up to 3 days but there are some exceptions. A $20 rush fee will speed up dark items. Kindness and biscuits will improve your chances for everything. Email or call ahead to confirm availability.

And I don't want 4, I need 400

For bulk orders you’re looking at around a week. Maybe two if it’s complex. Contact us and we’ll plan the fastest way to deliver your prints

Is there a catch?

Not really, just try to factor reality in. We may not hold stock of the orange hoodie you need, your artwork may require attention before we can actually print it. So always best to get in touch ASAP so we can give you a realistic timeline.