We’re currently fully staffed in all our shops, but things can change so if you think might be a good fit you can send us your resume and we can keep it on file. 


What makes someone a good fit for Das Automat? Mostly it’s just ‘having a proper sense of humour’, which is rarer than you’d think but there’s also a few actual skills required:

– A medium to solid understanding of Photoshop with design skills to suit. Illustrator is handy too, but not as essential.
– A good familiarity of Gmail, Google Docs, Dropbox, Excel and those sorts of modern day equivalents to ‘using a pen and a filing cabinet’.
– An interest in, experience with, or desire to use large digital printing equipment.
– Excellent customer service skills. Can’t stress this enough, you’re not just exchanging a t-shirt for cash, you’re helping someone turn an idea in their head into a real thing. This can take a few minutes, so chatting with all sorts of people about all sorts of things needs to be your bag.

If this sounds like it might be you then introduce yourself to