(we're game if you are)

We specialise in printing a range of 100% cotton items from AS Colour, but we're happy to experiment with different garment types and fabric to suit your requirements.


If we can fit it in our machines, we’ll give it a go. If you need to post them to us check suitability before sending. Items should be brand new. If you choose to supply your own item, it’s important you understand and agree to our BYO disclaimer. When you're ready to bring something in*, you can do that here.


It'll depend on the print size (our maximum is 35x40cm), what you bring in, and how many you have. One-off prints are usually priced at $35. Contact us for a quote.


Contact us with your questions

Print with caution!

Flat surfaces print best. Anything with a raised obstacle (think zips, bulky seams, pockets or buttons) can be tricky to navigate. Organic cotton and previously worn garments. These occasionally come out in spots after prints are cured, due to small amounts of oil or other substances that lurk unbleached in the fabric. They become permanent stains with heat and pressure.

Textured Fabric (eg. towelling, knits). If your fabric has a heavily textured weave, it can be tricky to achieve a solid or flexible print, especially on dark garments.

*Not in Melbourne?
Post or courier BYO items to: 
Das T-Shirt Automat
Att: Chief of BYOs
94 Parsons Street
Kensington, VIC 3031