BYO Terms


(We're game if you are)


We specialise in printing a range of 100% cotton items from AS Colour. We’re more than happy to experiment with different garment types and fabric, but if you choose to supply your own item, it’s important you understand and agree to the following:

Failures: If the item cannot be printed or washed as intended due to the construction of the garment or nature of the fabric, we cannot guarantee longevity or cover the cost of any damaged item. The same applies for issues that arise from low quality files. But we’ll do our best to give you a heads up if we think this may be likely.

Misprints:If an item is misprinted due to a machine fault or error on our part, we will provide a similar item from AS Colour or cover the cost of a replacement (to be sourced by you and capped at $25).



Please supply BYO items free of swing tags, stickers or plastic packaging. Or in the case of larger orders we’ll take care of removing / reattaching packaging for a small handling fee.