Hallo! You were probably expecting to be reading about our vinyl record lathe cutting service just about now. But you're not, because we're transmogrifying it into something different. I'd like to say better, but one person's kreide is another's käse, so you'll have to wait a potentially troubling amount of time to judge for yourself. 

We will still be cutting records but not in the same way. There are many good one-off lathe cutting services in Melbourne alone so we don't feel like we've left you in the lurch. If you've used us before, thank you for your business and support. The first incarnation of Das Record Automat has been a great deal of fun.

If you have a vinyl emergency, or you just want to shout at us for always changing then direct it here but we make no promises: hallo@dasrecordautomat.com

Stay Glücklich.

Das Automat Mann