We're pretty sure you just clicked on 'Das Laser Automat' by accident, but since you're here we should explain why it's not. We've temporarily shut it down so we can cover it in new paint and typefaces and hats and perhaps even shave it, then relaunch it onto an unsuspecting public in a much more interesting way. 

We shall continue to laser engrave and cut for our regulars, but going forward nothing will be quite the same again. We apologise if you were desperately in need of etching your name on a chopping board. And we thank you if you were a past customer who supported us. 

We shall return in due course, bright eyed and bushy tailed. Watch this space. Not literally of course, that will be even more dull than watching a Transformers movie. Any questions, thoughts, rants or begging can be directed here: hallo@dastshirtautomat.com


Das Automat Mann